Science, environmental, and investigative journalist

Hello and welcome to my website!  I’m a journalist and outdoor enthusiast currently living in Madison, Wis. I just finished my masters degree in journalism at the University of Wisconsin and I work as a reporter for the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and freelance for several publications. Although I left ecology research to pursue writing, like any good field scientist, I’m drawn to both data and maps. I recently discovered that maps and data visuals can tell stories with as much power, if not more, than words. Designing data into captivating stories has become a new passion. On this site you can check out my design portfolio, my writing portfolio, and my blog. When I’m not reporting or writing, I love talking to people, telling stories, finding adventures,  geeking out over wildflowers, and eating delicious things.

My blog, Xylem, focuses on ecology and the environment, which are two of my favorite sciences. Recently, I’ve been blogging about wildfire ecology, invasive species, climate, water, and conservation. Wandering off topic, I sometimes find myself writing about science writing too.

Thanks for reading,