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Last week, I signed myself and two friends up for the Tableau Student Data Challenge. Although Emily and Amy, my two friends and classmates in our independent-study data journalism class, both have Mac computers, preventing them from running the Tableau software, they agreed to help me work on a plan for the data and a vision for the visualization. Last Thursday night, Tableau released the data set, the responses from nearly 400 people surveyed in Lesotho about their family economics, education, health, nutrition, political participation, and out-look on life and the future. The survey was conducted as part of the CARE organization’s Village Savings and Loan Association Initiative, which has been helping rural communities build financial resources throughout Africa.

It’s a huge a fascinating data set, and initially we struggled with how to choose what sorts of questions to ask the data, what topics to pursue.  We decided that how the participants, mostly woman, earned income, and what effected their decision or ability to work was critically important information for a program like CARE. I’ve posted our resulting visualization below, I hope it will speak for itself. Also, this is a competition we are participating in, so if you like what we’ve created, please click the link below the Vis to like it on Facebook too!  Thanks!

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